A Guide to Navigating Employee Rights During the Retrenchment Process

When a company is considering laying off employees, they are required to take certain steps.

Firstly, the company should provide a written notice to the employees about the possibility of layoffs. Secondly, they should engage in discussions with the employees or their chosen representative before making a final decision to lay off anyone. During these discussions, the company should share enough information to ensure that the talks are productive and meaningful. Lastly, the company must use a fair and unbiased method for selecting which employees may be affected by the layoffs.

Employers should also be aware of the rights that employees possess in the context of retrenchment to help navigate the process correctly.

This knowledge not only benefits employees but also promotes stability and security in business operations. Understanding employees' rights in retrenchment is the cornerstone of a harmonious relationship between employers and their workforce.

Receiving Compensation/Severance Pay:

Employees have the right to receive one week's pay for every year of employment as compensation or severance pay if their employment is terminated. If they have worked for an organisation for five years and are let go, they are entitled to five weeks' worth of pay as a severance package.


Suggesting Alternative Employment:

When facing the possibility of retrenchment, employees have the right to suggest alternative employment within the company to avoid being laid off. This option allows them to actively participate in the decision-making process. It's a proactive approach that can be beneficial for employees and employers.


CCMA as a Recourse:

Employees have the right to take their case to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration (CCMA), an independent dispute resolution body that resolves workplace disputes fairly and impartially.


Requesting a Reference Letter:

The law grants employees the right to request a reference letter from their current employer. This reference letter is a valuable asset when seeking new employment.

Adherence to the correct procedures of retrenchment offers numerous advantages to employers. The benefits of proper retrenchment procedures extend beyond mere compliance, ultimately enhancing an organisation's long-term stability and success.

Empower yourself with knowledge about employee rights in retrenchment.

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