1. Policies and Procedures Manuals

  • Drafting a full set of company Policies and Procedures Manuals
  • Updating of the manual as and when legislative changes occur
  • Annual review of the manual to ensure that it complies with legislative requirements

2. Training Needs Analysis

  • Obtain needs assessment data (eg. review job descriptions, conduct surveys)
  • Analyse data
  • Define performance problems/issues: occupational group/individuals
  • Describe critical behaviours needed to affect problems/issues
  • Determine and clarify why critical behaviours do not currently exist
  • Research integrated performance solutions
  • If training is the best solution, determine best training and development approach/es
  • Access cost/ benefit of training and development approach/es; build a 'business case'
  • Include organisational drivers needed to reinforce the critical behaviours that will affect problems/issues
  • Describe how the critical behaviours will be monitored and assessed after implementation of the improvement plan

3. Skills Audit

  • Plan and prepare the infrastructure required for the entire skills auditing process
  • Identify the target population for skills audits
  • Knowledge (outcomes) for particular job groups, as identified during the job profiling process and collated in the skills matrices
  • Schedule, coordinate and confirm appointments for skills audits with the business / organisation and incumbents
  • Conduct the skills audits one-on-one, using best practices interviewing techniques and the services of a translator, if required
  • Capture the information live during the interview
  • Collate the information and submit reports to the client
  • Advise and assist the client with taking remedial action to address the gaps identified during audits

4. HIV / AID's Awareness Packs

These packs include the following:

  • Multi-lingual informative flyers, poster, condoms and ribbons. (Each pack has 25 ribbons)

5. Supply Legislative Posters

  • Summary of Basic Conditions of Employment Act - BCEA
  • Summary of Employment Equity Act - EE
  • Summary of Occupational Health and Safety Act - OHS
  • Summary of Skills Development Act - SD
  • Summary of Labour Relations Act - LRA 
  • Summary of Unemployment Insurance Fund Act - UIF (Not Compulsory) 

6. Employment Equity Letter of Compliance for Non-designated Employers

  • Measuring compliance in terms of Section 2 of the EE Act (Prohibition of Unfair Discrimination)
  • Measurement and Alignment of Remuneration in accordance with the National Minimum Wage Act 2017
  • Application of the Letter of Compliance for Non-Designated Employers

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