Creating Inclusive Work Environments and Reasonable Accommodations for Disabled Employees

“Reasonable accommodation" for disabled employees means making changes to the job or work environment so that people from specific groups can fully participate and advance at work. Employees should be able to request these changes at any time through any form of communication without needing to use the term.

If an employee's disability is not apparent, the employer can request reasonable documentation from a medical provider to understand the nature of the disability.

Reasonable accommodation can take different forms, such as:

1. Providing Alternative Formats: For instance, giving written feedback instead of verbal feedback for employees who prefer written communication.

2. Accesible Parking: Making reserved parking spots available to employees who can't walk long distances.

3. Service Animals: Adapting policies to allow service animals in the workplace.

4. Equipment Changes: Purchasing software or tools to assist employees with specific needs, like screen magnification for those with low vision.

5. Job Reorganisation: Offering checklists or aids to help employees with intellectual disabilities complete tasks.

6: Reassignment: In some cases, relocating an employee to a vacant position if they can no longer perform their current job, provided they are qualified for the new role.

These accommodations ensure that all employees can contribute effectively to the workplace, fostering inclusivity and diversity.

Discover how reasonable accommodations can transform your workplace into an inclusive and diverse environment.

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