DID YOU KNOW: A Company's Legal Duty to Inform Employees

A healthy working environment and positive employment relationships stem from trust and respect based on acknowledging the rights of all parties. Employers and employees have specific rights within the workplace. Ensuring the balance of these rights is essential to labour compliance and healthy employment relationships.

Rights bring obligations, and employers are obligated to provide accessible information to employers about their rights in the workplace. In line with South African labour law, one of the primary rights of an employee is the right to information. Therefore, employers must display information in the workplace that is visible to all employees relating to the following criteria.

Employment Equity Regulations

Regarding section 25 of the EEA, an employer must display updated employment equity regulations that all employees can easily access. The notice must inform them in full regarding the provisions of this Act. It should accommodate English and Xitsonga and be positioned in all prominent places within the workplace.

General Employee Rights

Employees must be able to access their rights to a fair and equal workplace experience. We mention some rights employers must outline and make known to their employees. They must communicate an employee's rights to:

  • Work within safe working conditions
  • Have the necessary resources and equipment
  • Not be unfairly dismissed or discriminated against
  • Receive agreed-upon salary on a mutually agreed date and time
  • Be treated with dignity and respect

Health & Safety Information

Your workers have the right to access relevant health and safety information surrounding the company. Employers have to ensure that employees have access to Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations information, health and safety rules and procedures in the workplace, and health and safety standards that the employer intends to abide by within the workplace.

Moreover, an employee has the right to request the employer to inform them regarding health and safety hazards within the workplace, precautions to take, and procedures to follow if an employee is exposed to substances harmful to health.

Labour regulations exist to protect employers and employees and ensure an equal and safe working environment for all.

Importantly, information disclosure is essential to comply with South African labour law. At KVR Consulting, we can assist you in ensuring you disclose all critical information within the business to provide a safe, secure, and equal working environment for all.

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