KVR Consulting's employment equity services include, but are not limited to:

  • Conducting a workplace analysis
  • Coordination of the process to complete EEA1 forms by all employees
  • Coordination of the process necessary to establish an Employment Equity Forum/Committee
  • Providing appointment letters for Employment Equity Manager and Forum/Committee members
  • Coordination of the process to appoint and Employment Equity Manager
  • Training the Employment Equity Forum/Committee members on the requirements of the Employment Equity Act and their role as committee members
  • Developing an Employment Equity policy and constitution
  • Development of the Employment Equity Plan as required by the Act
  • Development of numerical goals and recommendations in line with legislative requirements
  • Alignment of the Numerical Goals and Targets according to the Sectoral Sub-minimum recommendation
  • Alignment of remuneration in accordance with the National Minimum Wage Act of 2017
  • Development of the EEA2 (Employment Equity Report)
  • Development of the EEA2 (Income Differentials)
  • Online submission of the EEA2 and EEA4 to the Department of Labour
  • Four consultations/meetings with the Employment Equity Forum/Committee per year
  • Application of the Letter of Compliance for Designated Employers
We provide our clients with a comprehensive employment equity and consulting services plan
We also provide the administrative back-end to successfully implement the project.

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