Protect Your Business Through Compliance With Labour Laws

Protecting your business and its integrity is vital, and one way of ensuring this is to comply with all labour laws. These labour laws emphasise that worker rights apply to both South African and foreign national employees, and failing to meet these regulations can result in serious legal action.

The basics of this require all to receive the prescribed minimum wage and other conditions of employment, which we highlight below. Moreover, compliance results in a more sustainable and profitable business environment, free of conflict and misunderstanding.

Discover how you can protect your business by ensuring the conditions of employment align with labour laws by having the following points in place.

Create An Employment Contract

An employment contract is an essential document highlighting the future relationship between employer and employee. It explains all rules and regulations, acting as a safeguard in case one side breaches any agreed-upon and signed-off points. The employer must be thorough when creating employment contracts, ensuring that it complies with all industry-specific labour legislation.

Implement A Disciplinary Code

A disciplinary code is a guideline for what appropriate action is for various offences made by an employee. The code ensures that employees are aware of the rules in the work environment and the consequences of breaking these rules, allowing both parties to be on the same page.

Prioritise Policies & Procedures

Policies highlight the rules of a specific topic and exist so that the business runs smoothly daily. A procedure is how an employer will handle a situation when the situation occurs. Procedures inform employees and employers of the steps to follow when the scenario happens.

Labour Law

In South Africa, business owners must follow several labour laws to remain compliant. These include:

  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Labour Relations Act
  • Industry-specific legislation (Bargaining Council Main Collective Agreements or Sectoral Determinations)
  • Skills Development Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Employment Equity Act

Complying with labour laws can be overwhelming.

However, as an employer, the health of your business largely depends on your ability to follow all existing labour regulations. At KVR Consulting, let us support you in ensuring total labour compliance within your business. For more information,

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