Retention Red Flags: How To Identify The Warning Signs

Employee retention is a critical aspect of achieving success. It takes time and money to train and integrate new employees, so retaining those who are already onboarded and actively adding value to your business is crucial.

Supplier and customer relationships are important. However, of all the business relationships, the one you have with your employees is arguably the most critical, as companies that constantly hemorrhage staff will need help to deliver even the most basic services effectively.

Whether your business is in B2C, B2B, marketing, consulting, retail, or anything else, keeping valued employees is critical. Here are some red flags you should look out for that are indicators that your business is about to start losing people.

1. Decline in Quality of Work

When employees stop delivering their best and seem only to do the bare minimum, you can bet their hearts aren’t in it anymore, and they are considering jumping ship. When work is consistently submitted late or is of poor quality, it is usually an indicator that the employee is no longer interested in their position.

2. Disengagement

While some employees are naturally quiet and keep to themselves, complete disengagement can be a sign that they are no longer interested in being in the company. This is particularly noticeable when an employee was previously very engaged and active within the company culture.

3. Lack of Interest in New Challenges

Employees who are engaged and intent on growing within the company will eagerly take on new projects and challenging tasks that give them an opportunity to shine. However, employees who are planning on leaving won’t want to do any of these things. They will avoid any long-term projects or anything that requires more than the bare minimum.

4. Decline in General Attitude

Employees who exhibit a negative attitude towards the work and the company on a consistent basis are probably intent on leaving and will do so if an opportunity presents itself. This is particularly noticeable in employees who were once positive and enthusiastic. Such negative attitudes can exhibit themselves in various ways, potentially leading to disciplinary clashes.

Lastly employees who are interested in leaving will sometimes display secretive behaviour. Searching for other job opportunities or being out of the office or absent from work more frequently than normal.

The best ways to approach these red flags are to open yourself up for more communication with employees, institute quarterly anonymous reviews, beef up your HR system in a way that gives employees confidence, and move employees around to fill positions that are more in line with their strengths or field of interest.

Small steps like these can have a huge impact on company culture and encourage staff retention.

Managing relationships with customers and employees is essential for business success. Good B2B marketing practice starts with keeping your employees, as they are your brand’s ambassadors.

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