Skills Development And The Restructuring And Modernisation Of The Organisation

Skills development plays a critical role in restructuring and modernising a company, a process known as Organisational Development (OD), which aims to enhance the company's effectiveness and ability to adapt to changing business environments.

How To Approach OD

One key question to ask during OD is: What the company is trying to be? This will help the organisation develop a systematic approach to planned change, which includes evolving both technical and behavioural aspects of the company to sign better with the company’s vision, goals and values.

Organisational development is based on the fundamental assumption that all companies are complex systems, and a change in one part of the system will have a ripple effect across the rest of the company.

As such, key areas that need to be looked at when implementing OD include the development of company culture, leadership, and performance, with skills development being one of the most critical aspects.

To carry out OD effectively, it is important to focus on training and development programmes, along with coaching and mentoring to create a more effective and efficient organisation that can adapt and thrive in the constantly evolving business world.

What Are The Focal Points In OD?

Experts have highlighted several critical areas of focus for the carrying out of OD. Leadership within the organisation needs to assess the development needs of the company against these critical criteria.

The first thing to assess is whether or not excellent leadership exists in the organisation. Without great leadership, it is very difficult to implement an effective strategy for growth. Any OD plan relies heavily on there being an effective strategy in place to achieve the company’s goals. If the strategy and leadership requirements are lacking, then this needs to be addressed in the OD plan.

Any critical component of an effective OD plan is a workforce that is confident enough to carry out the work and which possesses the necessary competencies to do so. However, prowess is only part of what is required. Consistency and compassion also need to be hallmarks of the workforce to ensure a culture of continual progress and positive reinforcement.

Naturally, well-run and well-designed operations and processes are critical, but these are ineffective without the aforementioned human resources components to implement them.

Ultimately, a company’s OD should aim to deliver a service that is focused on people, resulting in not only a motivated and enthusiastic workforce, but a positive client experience as well.

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