KVR Consulting's skills development facilitation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of a Workplace Skills Plan and Pivotal Plan
  • Submission of the Workplace Skills Plan and Pivotal Plan to the relevant SETA
  • Liaising with the relevant SETA to ensure that the client recieves it's Mandatory and Discretionary Grant Disbursements
  • Establishing and assisting with Employment Equity/Skills Development Committee
  • Advising on the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan and Pivotal Plan
  • Application submissions for Discretionary Funding and other Grant/Projects offered by the SETAs
  • Drafting of an Annual Training Report against the approved Workplace Skills Plan and submission of the plan to the SETA
  • Advising on the quality assurance requirements as set by the relevant SETA
  • Serving as a contact person between the employer and the relevant SETA
  • Providing telephonic contact with consultants of the consultancy during normal working hours and within reasonable, pre-agreed after hours
  • Initiating and guiding the client's training committee
  • Sourcing applicable accredited training providers in terms of the budget, strategic skills profile and schedule, should KVR Consulting be unsuitable for the required training.

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