Understanding Disciplinary Hearings in the Workplace

Disciplinary hearings are a vital component of any well-organised workplace, playing a crucial role in upholding order and harmony within an organisation. When an employee's conduct strays from the expected standards, it can disrupt the workplace environment, and that's where disciplinary hearings step in. Let’s delve into some common causes behind disciplinary hearings, exploring the reasons they occur and the potential repercussions.


One of the primary causes of disciplinary hearings is when an employee goes AWOL (absent without leave) without prior authorisation. Absconding from work disrupts the workflow and the smooth operation of the business.

Unauthorised Decisions

It's essential for employees to follow the established protocols when making decisions that influence the company. Unauthorised actions can disrupt the organisation's plans and goals.

Bringing the Company Name into Disrepute

Employees serve as ambassadors for their company. If an employee engages in behaviour such as publicly criticising the company or its products, a disciplinary hearing may be initiated to address this misconduct.


Intimidation in the workplace is unacceptable. It creates a hostile and unhealthy work environment, making it necessary to initiate disciplinary procedures. Employees have a right to work in a comfortable environment.

Stealing Company Property/Vandalism

Theft or vandalism of company property is a serious violation of trust and ethics. Disciplinary actions are taken to deter such behaviour and to protect the company's property and interests.

Injuring Another Employee/Damaging Company Property

Physical harm to a colleague or damage to company property can lead to disciplinary hearings as well as potential legal consequences. Any acts of violence or destruction are treated with utmost seriousness.


Engaging in physical altercations or disruptive confrontations with coworkers is not tolerated in any professional setting and requires disciplinary measures to restore order and security.

Maintaining discipline in the workplace is crucial for a productive and harmonious atmosphere. By understanding the common causes of disciplinary hearings, employees and employers alike can work together to prevent these issues and foster a more positive workplace culture.

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