What Is The Difference Between PIVOTAL & Non-PIVOTAL Training?

The reality is that In the past and still today, South Africa has failed to provide essential industry skills needs. Consequently, a programme was introduced to attempt to rectify the state of skills development in workplaces nationwide.

The legislation aimed to incentivise companies to train within various priority sectors, such as agriculture and construction. A PIVOTAL plan is defined as Professional, Vocational, Technical and Academic Learning programmes to generate part- or full-credited and recognised qualifications.

What Examples Fall Into PIVOTAL Programmes?

Companies must offer training to staff within these areas to qualify on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Be wary of funding programmes that are not registered, as they will not count. The PIVOTAL programmes include:

  • Learnerships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Skills Programmes
  • Graduate Development
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Public Further Education and Training College Graduates
  • Workplace Experience

What Is Non-PIVOTAL Training?

Participating in Non-PIVOTAL programmes does not result in receiving any credit-bearing qualifications. Instead, they address the priorities and key objectives of the SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority), including industry research, career guidance, core soft skills development (e.g. communication and teamwork), and industry-specific conferences.

What Are The SETA Grant Regulations?

The SETA grant regulations aim to regulate the SETA administration fund effectively. It creates a framework for the expanded use of public education and training providers while ensuring the promotion of registered and quality assurance PIVOTAL programmes. The grant aims to carry over unspent funds at the close of each financial year and discourage the accumulation of surpluses, while improving the quality and quantity of labour market information.

All PIVOTAL programmes qualify for a maximum of 80% of SETA’s grant. Conversely, non-PIVOTAL programmes qualify for only 20% (at maximum) of the discretionary budget. However, if you contribute toward funding the SETA grant, you can access it.

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